Saturday 26 May 2012

First Post

I've been wanting to spend some time building a lab, running through various test scenarios, and exploring the technical possibilities of various Microsoft software for a while now.  Well I've finally gotten around to it, and over the coming weeks I'll be deploying a range of primarily Microsoft software into a test environment, with the main focus being on Exchange.

Along the way I'll be documenting the progress on this blog, hopefully I'll be able to impart some useful tips and tricks to anyone who's interested, and I'll no doubt hit a few issues along the way which I'll also document, along with their resolutions.

There will also be a number of decisions to be made along the way, and I'll try to include the technical reasoning behind these, this scenario (a lab build) may not be what anyone reading is looking to do, but some of the reasons may well be able to feed into others decision making processes.

Although I'm quite familiar with Exchange Server, some of the other products I'll be taking a look at (such as the newest version of System Center), will be new to me so this is also a learning exercise.

Well, that's the intro over with, in the next post I'll cover choosing the base hardware and what I'll be running this deployment on.

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